The cabinet is generally made of cold-rolled steel plate or alloy to store computers and related control equipment, which can provide protection for the storage equipment, shield electromagnetic interference
Arrange the equipment in order to facilitate future maintenance. The cabinet is generally divided into server cabinet, network cabinet, console cabinet, etc.
The cabinet is also equipped with cabinet accessories as required. Its main accessories include fixed or retractable guide rail, locking device, hinge, wiring channel, wiring rack, shielding comb spring, etc

Functional features

Good technical performance. The cabinet shall be resistant to vibration, impact, corrosion, dust, water and radiation,
So as to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the equipment.
There are good usability and safety protection facilities, which are convenient for operation, installation and maintenance, and can ensure the safety of operators.
It is convenient for production, assembly, commissioning, packaging and transportation.
Conform to the requirements of standardization, normalization and serialization.
Beautiful, applicable and color coordinated.
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