Modular computer room monitoring system
Modular computer room monitoring system
System core parameters
Ready to use
Any subsystem M odbus RTU equipment access, simple configuration, no additional customized protocol;
A 7-inch touch screen is configured locally to display all data of the system;
Perfect data analysis and alarm records;
Fire linkage, linkage with the system or remote fire signal.
Remote monitoring and debugging
Support C/S and B/S architecture,
Support web access (can connect to the cloud platform);
Firmware upgrade, message configuration
Status diagnosis, real-time monitoring of 485 bus message.
Highly integrated, safe and reliable
█ 1U installation mode, high integration, few wiring fault points;
█ With R S485, D I, D O, LAN, P O E port
± 24V、± 12V power interface;
█ EM C, lightning protection, surge protection, anti reverse connection, photoelectric isolation.

Functional features

The computer room centralized monitoring intelligent acquisition terminal is composed of terminal and display screen, which is a special terminal for overall monitoring of the dynamic environment of the computer room. The terminal does not depend on the dynamic ring system platform
It works independently, has strong data acquisition capability, realizes configurable communication protocol, and can be used for precision power distribution array cabinet, UPS, air conditioner, PDU, temperature and humidity, smoke detector, water leakage rope
Real time monitoring of door magnetic status; The monitoring terminal has certain programmable logic functions, such as fire control, remote control, temperature and humidity linkage, and accurate control of skylights and doors
Magnetism; At the same time, through the network and 485 bus, centralized data upload is supported, and the POE camera interface of the machine room can be selected to achieve simple wiring.
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