Intelligent EPD
Intelligent EPD
Intelligent EPD is a set of intelligent power distribution management system developed according to the requirements of the rapid development of the current power grid. It is mainly used for distribution of working power supply of equipment in various cabinets
And detection, equipment working temperature and ambient temperature and humidity detection, overload protection, lightning protection and surge counting, etc. This product can not only realize the reasonable distribution of equipment power supply, but also improve the
Stability can also provide a large amount of basic data in the future operating environment for the reliability analysis of the power system.

Functional features

Functions and features:
Modular design, easy installation, changeable according to customer requirements, flexible configuration;
With overload protection and indicator light, temperature and humidity monitoring, current and voltage monitoring, online monitoring interface for server parameters, and network port to achieve remote monitoring;
Full mode protection mode to ensure equipment safety, with lightning stroke counting function, and monitor the status of lightning arrester;
Set the upper and lower limits for the electrical parameter threshold. Once the electrical parameter exceeds the threshold, the system will give an alarm immediately and record the event parameters;
Simple networking, convenient for remote data centralized management, abnormal data analysis, troubleshooting, etc;
At the same time, the input power supply and load current are monitored in real time. Automatically record the data of fault points and send out audible and visual alarm signals for timely troubleshooting;
485 interface is provided, which can be quickly incorporated into the dynamic ring system to realize remote monitoring.

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